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Appe is a Web3 social network with Time2Earn mechanic letting users earn tokens for watching and creating content, and participating in challenges.


You’ve heard of attention economics, right? Modern technology is here to convert your attention into income!
Appe is on a mission to give every social media user a right to earn money for their time and participation, without any need to gain followers. Thanks to blockchain YOU OWN your attention, your talents, your digital avatar, and all the content you create in Appe!
We are creating a pre-Metaverse experience, with integrated social, gaming, goals and tokens.
The basic mechanic is Time2earn. The user is rewarded for actively spending time on own social media platform Appe: watching and creating content, interacting with other users, creating and participating in challenges on the platform.
Your virtual avatar is the NFT key to your property, secured by blockchain. You can use it to create content in Appe, or transfer it to other metaverse platforms. As you progress on the platform, the avatar becomes more realistic and learns new skills - just like a real person would!
Appe is much more than entertainment. Our challenges are here to help users achieve their goals. Anything from starting regular sports, reading, or rocking on a big exam day. Participating in challenges with others makes achieving goals more enjoyable, more interactive - and the reward is also tangible, thanks.
Anyone can start in Appe for free, like in any social media. But by staying in Appe over time you get a chance to create a more advanced avatar, and earn crypto tokens, that can be converted to real money!

Why Us

Integrated experience. We are not about content on crypto, or creators on crypto, or games on crypto, or avatars, or DAO’s - we are all of it (and more!) combined in one seamless experience!
Easy start. You don’t need a crypto wallet, or an account on an exchange to start. And it’s completely free to start and experience our basic set of features, including avatars and rewards!
Connection to other networks. When you develop your avatar beyond the basic level, you can use it on other metaverse platforms.

Appe Solution

Digital avatars

Each user gets to create their own avatar for free.
Development of the avatar on game levels mimics personal development in real life. As users participate in challenges and/or buy artefacts, the avatar gets new skills and appearance (movement, voice, digital clothing, etc). As the user progresses to higher levels, the avatar also progresses from pixel to more and more realistic human-like digital self.

Monetization of attention

Users get reward points from the platform for watching content, interactions, and participation in challenges. The points can come either from the platform itself, or from others (such as creators or brands, who would like to promote themselves by rewarding certain actions).
There is also a component of surprise, realized in randomly placed lootboxes with prizes.

Lootboxes, and random unlocking of tokens

Spontaneous rewards from the platform to be found anywhere (in content, challenges, users’ profiles), to boost activity and create non-linearity of earnings on the platform.

Social tamagotchi

The avatar is active, when the user uses the Appe platform daily. Each visit gets reward points (or tokens on higher levels of the game).
The user needs to keep their avatar active to be able to use it: make content, participate in challenges, take it to other platforms. The ownership is however protected with the blockchain.
In case of inactivity, friends receive notifications to save the avatar. To activate the avatar the user can either pay, or ask her friends to pay/perform tasks on the platform.
Social tamagotchi motivates the users to use the platform regularly.


This is the limit on time period, when the user can earn tokens or reward points from activities in the app. The absolute number of tokens or rewards per user per day will also be capped.
Opposing the social tamagotchi, energy limit creates a balance in the platform’s usage. Depletion of energy works similarly to screen time limit. It motivates the user to disconnect from the platform and come back into the real world.

Goals and challenges

Spending time in social media has never been more useful. Users join a challenge (or make their own) to make certain actions in real life. This can be both some good habit they can’t form on their own (regular sports, healthy food, reading, learning, etc), or something fun, such as trying new kinds of ice cream or visiting new restaurants. Group motivation of a challenge can help with both! When the user progresses in a challenge, she gets award points or tokens. Completing the entire challenge, or being one of the very few ‘survivors’ can also bring extra. The creator of the challenge can set these parameters, and see others follow his motivation!

Pets, digital clothing, and other artifacts

Users get to be creative about what they do in Appe. They get to purchase NFTs with different functions: pets, digital clothes and other artifacts to differentiate themselves. But they can also express their creativity by breeding new rare pets, or designing digital clothes. Artifacts are user’s ownership once they purchase or make it. They can also become a ‘producer’ of such artifacts, and make a business on Appe platform (they would need to progress to higher levels of the game to unlock this opportunity).
One of the NFT types would be subscription NFT. This would be like your gym membership cards, but related to different parts of Appe platform. The users would get extra energy and tokens if they purchase the platform’s NFT, or get special content and attention of bloggers, if they buy such NFTs from them.

Professions and DAO’s

The user obtaining a higher level in the game can become specialized in a certain activity:
  • Creator = producing content, attracting following
  • Coach = creating challenges to train others in their skills
  • Pet breeder = breeding and selling pets
DAOs would allow the professional user create their actual companies and hire other users for jobs (in later versions of the platform).

Marketplace for developers

Developers can make their own products on Appe platform. They can develop games, tools (masks, avatar skills, etc) for platform users, and get paid in tokens for every usage.

Connection to real world brands

The advertising model common to social media would work on the platform. The advertisers would buy tokens to create branded avatars, challenges or artifacts (such as a digital version of their product), and also pay creators for collaborations.



  • earn rewards and tokens
  • participate in challenges and watch progress
  • watching content and interacting with friends in a new way (social gaming experience)
  • gamifying their social networks (NFT clothing, avatars)


  • content ownership on blockchain
  • promotion accounts for tokens
  • creating challenges to engage their following
  • targeting users who share their goals
  • demonstrating their mastery through avatar skills and NFT ownership
  • automatic content creation with avatars

Brands and partners

  • advertising and collaboration with creators
  • targeting technologies (web 2.0 based)
  • earning on NFTs
  • engaging followers in brand challenges
  • instant social feedback on their products
  • international exposure


There are 2 types of value exchange on the platform - basic engagement points, and crypto tokens.
Bronze level is the starting level operating only with reward points (limitless game points with no monetary value). Whereas further levels will be tokenized with an opportunity to create an NFT avatar transferable to other metaverses.

Bronze level (free to play, involvement into reward mechanics)

Users receive engagement points for: activity in the app.
Users purchase for coins: upgrades for their avatar, extra energy.
Goal of the level: earn badges to exchange for next level avatar (NFT) and start earning crypto.

Silver, Gold and Platinum levels (tokenized avatars)

Users get an opportunity to:
  • Create their digital avatar and get upgrades in appearance and skills, plus transfer it into another metaverse
  • Own their content, plus use their avatar as a digital signature or proof of ownership
  • Promote their profile
  • Earn tokens and sell them on a crypto exchange for fiat
  • Selective communities with celebrities (on Gold and Platinum Levels)
  • Create professions and DAOs within the platform (on Gold and Platinum Levels)
  • Mint tokens
  • Vote on the platform (in cases such as Instagram promoting the new feed, users get to decide)



  • Regular activity on the platform (daily login, posting, engagement, challenges)
  • Attention from other users (creators and brands choose to reward/incentivize their followers)
  • Sell pets and merchandize


  • Unlock avatar after inactivity (see ‘Social tamagotchi’)
  • Upgrades of the avatar: distinctive visuals, skills, professions
  • Add extra energy (ability to uncover lootboxes for longer)
  • Advertising of avatars/profiles, or real-life businesses
  • Create DAOs and pay taxes (in later versions of the platform)


Appe is a blockchain-based platform, that will operate on several Realms. A Realm is a server hosting a portion of the entire platform applicable for certain users. A Realm is built on a Layer 1 blockchain.
Multiple ecosystem partners releasing new Realms will allow Appe to grow its user base while providing great user experience to all. Each ecosystem partner shares commission with Appe platform, but also brings their cultural component to the platform by creating their own community and NFTs.
Appe Realms:
  1. 1.
  2. 2.
  3. 3.
    Others TBD


For partners

Token distribution planned:
Investment rounds planned:
If you are a crypto investor, please join us at the earliest stage possible to lock the most attractive token price!
If you are a creator or a brand willing to promote in an emerging Web3.0 social media, please contact us.Creators community and partners get token allocation (as shown above) - and this could mean YOU!
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